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Terrence Lee Croft was a trial lawyer since graduating with distinction from the University of Michigan Law School in 1965, following graduation from Yale University, 1962. He prepared at the John Burroughs School, 1958.


Terrence has been selected, twice,as One of the Top 100 Lawyers in Georgia and annually since 2005 as a Georgia SuperLawyer in ADR. He has been listed annually since 2005 in The Best Lawyers in America for Arbitration and Mediation, named Atlanta Arbitration Lawyer of the Year for 2018 and named Best (top 2) Individual Mediator/Arbitrator for 2019. His  firm has been rated Tier 1 in Arbitration and Mediation in Atlanta and in Georgia by US News & World Report. He has had an AV Martindale's rating since 1979. His AVVO rating is "Superb". He has more than 3100 LinkedIn Endorsements.

He is a past president of The Atlanta Bar Association, and a former chair of its Litigation and Dispute Resolution Lawyers Sections. He is a former chair of the Dispute Resolution Lawyers Section of the State Bar of Georgia. He has served in the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association, and is a member of the Board of Governors of the State Bar of Georgia.

He is a Fellow of the prestigious American College of Civil Trial Mediators, a Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, and Founder of the Atlanta Collegium of Arbitrators & Mediators. He has been named one of the best commercial mediators in the world by International Who's Who of Business Lawyers. Terrence has served on the Exec. Committees of the Georgia Academy of Mediators & Arbitrators and the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.


Terrence Lee Croft has substantial experience serving as a neutral in mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation and other ADR procedures. His experience as a mediator and an arbitrator spans more than 30 years, during which he has successfully resolved more than 3,500 disputes. He is exclusively available for mediation and arbitration through JAMS, The Resolution Experts, 404 588-0900. He is available through "" (404)-577-8400 as an ADR coach and consultant.

Terrence is registered as a Neutral in Arbitration, Mediation and ENE with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. He has also served as a neutral for the American Arbitration Association, the Fulton County Arbitration Program and many Court annexed programs and appointments.

Terrence Lee Croft is a Founding Member of the Georgia Academy of Mediators & Arbitrators.

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