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  • DePauw University, B.A., cum laude, 1980
  • Indiana University School of Law, J.D., 1983
    • Fellow, American College of Civil Trial Mediators
    • Monroe County Bar Association
    • Indiana State Bar Association
    • American Bar Association
    • Indiana Trial Lawyers Association
    • Association of Trial Lawyers of America
    • Indiana Association of Mediators

Sam has tried dozens of jury trials and mediated more than 4,000 cases.  He mediates with people from  around the country. The cases include serious personal injury cases, complex business disputes and multi-state legal malpractice cases. 

Litigated conflicts remain the majority of Sam's mediations, but he is doing an increasing amount of pre-suit dispute resolution, sometimes with parties that do not want anyone to know that they even have a dispute.  These are delicate and confidential negotiations.  He  advises  boards of directors, who may be considering difficult decisions to be made at the highest levels of management.

In addition to mediating, Sam is an Adjunct Professor of Negotiation at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law, where he has won the adjunct teaching award.  Sam consults with individuals and organizaiton on conflict engagement, conflict resolution, decision making and problem solving.  He has lectured and been on panels around the country.  He is currently working on a book on conflict engagement based on 35 years of experience. 

Sam has been honored multiple times as an Indiana Super Lawyer, including being named one of  the top 10 lawyers in the state. He has  been named  to  the Best Lawyers in America. He has been an active litigator for thirty-five years. Sam has represented clients in state and federal court around the State of Indiana and in several other jurisdictions in the country.

His training in advance dispute resolution and negotiation techniques and strategies includes seminars and classes at the Harvard University Program on Negotiation, the Strauss Institute at Pepperdine University,  and other institutions throughout the country.

He consults with  individual clients, corporations and not-for-profit institutions on conflict management. He provides negotiation coaching and facilitation instruction to assist individuals who work in or manage highly volatile situations.

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Practice started 1995

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