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State Arizona
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  • Arizona State University, College of Law, J.D., 1975
  • Arizona State University, B.A., 1971
  • National Center for State Courts, Trial Court Performance
    Standards Commission   2/92 -6-97
  • Commission on Judicial Evaluation and Review  5/93 to 9/2000
  • Committee on State Funding for the Courts  93-95
  • Committee on the Utilization of Court Reporters 4/95 to 4/99
  • Arizona Women Lawyers Association, 2008
  • Maricopa County Bar Association - President


A former Superior Court Judge, Judge Rebecca Albrecht has served the State of Arizona for 24 years. She has held positions in the civil, criminal, juvenile and domestic relations departments. Her previous roles included the Presiding Domestic Relations Judge and Associate Presiding Judge of the Court. Prior to her positions on the bench, Judge Albrecht assumed the role as Trial Attorney for the Public Defender's office and as Commissioner of the Juvenile Division on the Superior Court. She was a founding Master of the American Inns of Court, Horace Rumpole Inn and served as the first woman president of the Maricopa County Bar Association. Judge Albrecht incorporates her vast experience and skills to her practice, which includes arbitration and mediation. Judge Albrecht is a AAA certified arbitrator.

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Additional languages 1
Practice started 1999


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