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I am an alumnus of St. Peter's College (Jersey City, NJ), and Villanova University School of Law (Villanova, PA).

I was the recipient of the Schepp Scholarship while attending Villanova University School of Law.


In addition to my legal duties, I have served as a member of the Faculty of the NJ Judicial College for settlement techniques and mediation for about 10 years;  have taught  and taken  courses at the National Judicial College (Reno, NV);  have been Adjunct Professor at Rutgers University Law School involved in civil litigation (1984-88);  have been an Instructor of settlement process at Seton Hall University Law School (1993-95) and Instructor of trial advocacy at Widener Law School (1984-87).

  From 1988-95, as a Master of the Essex Inns of Court, Arthur T. Vanderbilt Chapter, I instructed young lawyers in mediation techniques, trial skills and ethical responsibilities. I have been a lecturer for the New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA)  and Institute for Continued Legal Education (ICLE) on a wide variety of topics including settlement techniques, the law of damages, the law of experts, etc.  I am also a member of the NJSBA, Bergen County Bar Association and American Bar Association.  I was also a Founding Committee Member for the ABA Section for Local and State Government Law.


After 20 years as New Jersey Superior Court Judge in the Civil Division (1983-2003), I am currently an independent mediator with The Kridel Law Group (Clifton, NJ).

For the past 40 years in the legal profession, I have litigated thousands of civil matters.  I was a Law Clerk to the Honorable Arthur O'Dea, County Clerk Judge in Bergen County, New Jersey. Thereafter, I was appointed Bergen County Assistant Prosecutor and I served in that capacity trying a number of high profile cases.  Upon completion of my term, I practiced law devoted exclusively to litigating personal injury matters for 13 years.  During that period of time I tried over 500 civil matters to conclusion as a Certified Civil Trial Attorney. With this experience I have come to appreciate the value of mediating a civil matter with an experienced mediator rather than having a contested trial.

In 1983 I was appointed to the bench in Bergen County, New Jersey and for well over 20 years presided over complex trials, including class actions, product liability, medical malpractice, and serious personal injury claims as a Superior Court Judge for the State of New Jersey.  During my judicial tenure, I effected the settlement of cases worth millions of dollars with thousands of plaintiffs.

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