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  • J.D., University of California, Davis, June 1975
  • Ph.D., Arizona State University, January 1971, English
  • M.A., Arizona State University, January 1969, English
  • B.A., Harpur College, State University of New York, Binghamton, June 1966 - (Biology/English)
  • President (2017) The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers
  • Fellow, American College of Employee Benefits Counsel
  • Executive Committee, Bar Association of San Francisco
  • President, California Dispute Resolution Council (1998)
  • Board of Directors, California Dispute Resolution Council
  • Board of Directors, California Dispute Resolution Institute
  • American Arbitration Association National Employment Advisory Council
  • President, Industrial Relations Association of Northern California (1994-95)
  • Member, National Academy of Arbitrators, Chair, Northern California Region (1990-2)
  • Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Chair, International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, American Arbitration Committee, 1990, Member, 1988-1989
  • Chair, Association of American Law Schools, Section on Labor Law, 1983
  • Secretary, Executive Committee, Labor and Employment Law Section, California Bar Association, 1988, Member, 1985-1988, Advisor, 1989-91, Chair, Editorial Board, Labor and Employment Law Quarterly, 1990-1992
  • Chair, Association of American Law Schools, Section on Legal Writing, Reasoning, and Research, 1980-81, 1981-82
  • California Bar and New York Bar
Biography Mr. Brand has been engaged in full-time dispute resolution for over 35 years. A former negotiator and law professor, he has a varied national practice, ranging from arbitrating high profile individual disputes - such NFL player disputes, to mediating high stakes public disputes - including the nation's first "pay for performance" contract in the Denver City School District. Since 2006, he has been named a Northern California "Super Lawyer" in ADR every year.

Mr. Brand has arbitrated and mediated cases involving complex issues of law and large dollar amounts. His largest arbitration award was $65 million.

He served as sole arbitrator in a $50 million biotech case, and in many multi-million dollar pension cases. He has mediated multi-party disputes, including the model annual maintenance agreement for the Sacramento Delta, wage rates on the Bay Bridge construction project, and wage and hour class actions. He mediates and arbitrates executive compensation, ERISA, MPPAA, discrimination, statutory and wrongful termination disputes involving Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Brand has engaged in med-arb under statutory procedures involving state and federal entities, as well as in trust fund and trade secret cases. His primary practice is in labor and employment law, but he has also served on specialized panels requiring scientific literacy in biochemistry, medicine, and psychiatry, as well as an understanding of research and laboratory procedures. He has been the outside member of the University of California San Francisco Institutional Review Board at the Mt. Zion cancer center for 10 years. 

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Practice started 1983

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