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  • Dickinson College, Bachelor of Arts
  • Washington College of Law (American University), Juris Doctor

     Since September 2010 to the present Judge Fisher has mediated and arbitrated hundreds of cases throughout the entire State of New Jersey and in the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Area handling a broad array of case types including, but not limited to, legal and medical malpractice cases, personal matters, nursing home cases, employment law (LAD), business and construction litigation, slip and falls, etc.

     For fifteen years, from 1995 through September of 2010 he was a Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey. For a decade, including his last eight years he sat in the Civil Division. For most of that decade he was the sole civil judge in a county that statistically required two. Because of necessity and his personal inclination, he actively and successfully engaged in settlement conferences in pending trials on a weekly basis.

   Thus, for over twenty years he has settled or mediated hundreds and hundreds of cases, either as a sitting judge or since leaving the bench, as a mediator.

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$450/hour for preparation for and conducting of the mediation.  I do NOT charge for travel time and I do NOT require a retainer. For arbitration proceedings, please call for details.


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