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ADR services 7,3,10,8,9,1,2
  • Brigham Young University, B. A. Communications, 1980
  • Oklahoma City University, J. D., 1985
  • Oklahoma Bar Association
  • Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association
  • American Trial Lawyers Association
  • United States District Court Western District of Oklahoma
  • United States District Court Eastern District of Oklahoma
  • United States District Court Northern District of Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma Mediation and Arbitration Services
  • Oklahoma County District Court Panel of Mediators
  • United States District Court Panel of Mediators (Oklahoma)
  • Oklahoma County Bar Association
  • Member Board of Directors Oklahoma Trial Lawyers Association
  • Super Lawyers member
  • NADN member

Mr. Clemens is an AV rated attorney with a practice which emphasizes Mediation and Arbitration services. He has been a leader in the field of ADR since 1986 when he was appointed to the board of mediators for the Oklahoma Mediation and Arbitration Services. He was one of the first mediators in the country to participate in the adoption of court ordered mediation programs in both the state and federal courts.

Mr. Clemens has personally conducted in excess of 4,000 mediations, making him one of the most active mediators in the United States. He has developed a style of mediation which has achieved over a 90% success rate in the mediations he conducts. He has conducted mediations in  forty eight states and Canada. His personality, demeanor and skill make him equally sought out by the plaintiff and defense bars. He has conducted successful mediations resulting in settlements in excess of $100,000,000.00

ADR Practice & Case Experience
Additional languages 1
Practice started 1986

$400.00 per hour

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