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First name Joseph Last name Chambliss
Full name Joseph B. Chambliss Jr.
Corporation JBC Mediations LLC
Address 1 P.O. Box 52004
City Durham
ZIP Code 27717
State North Carolina
Phone (919) 414-1808 Cell (919) 414-1808 Fax (919) 490-6411
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CC name Joseph Chambliss CC email
Formal Qualifications & Memberships
Judge? No
ADR services 7,3,6,4,9,1,2
Education JD - 1985, Campbell University School of Law
BA- 1977, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Memberships Member 10th and 14th Judicial District Bar Associations; Member NC Bar Association; Member Dispute Resolution Section of NC Bar; Member NC State Bar since 1985.
Biography Current practice is devoted to mediation and arbitration since certification as Superior Court mediator in 2007.  Has mediated all types of disputes including complex and multi-party cases, workers' compensation, as well as District and Superior Court PI cases. 

Also serves as neutral arbitrator in UIM/UM contractual arbitrations.  Has sereed as a 14th Judicial District Arbitrator for appeals de novo from Magistrate Court following appointment by The Honorable James Hill.

Prior experience as a litigator for 29 years with experience in (but not limited to) personal injury, contracts, business disputes, construction, medical and other professional malpractice, workers' compensation, real estate and appellate practice in all courts.

ADR Practice & Case Experience
Additional languages 1
Practice started 2007

$220.00 - Hourly

$200.00 - Administrative Fee

Dispute areas 5,15,18,20,33,37,42,50,61,70,93,94
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