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New York University (BA-1971; JD-1975); The George Washington University (LLM, International Law - 1978).


Ms. Barak is a Fellow and Member of the Board of Directors of the College of Commercial Arbitrators, Co-Chair of its New Fellows Orientation Committee, and Chair of the College's Outreach Committee, charged with fulfilling the College's commitment to enhance diversity amongst its fellowship.


Joanne Barak is an active arbitrator on the American Arbitration Association's Large Complex Case, Joint Venture, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Commercial Panels, as well as the International Centre for Dispute Resolution Panel, and Special Programs Mediation Panel. She has served as sole arbitrator, and has chaired and served as wing on 3 arbitrator panels. She has been appointed to close to 400 cases over the last 30 years.

Ms. Barak has over 30 years' of commercial and international law experience, including extensive experience in areas of financing, licensing, consulting, employment agreements, partnerships, joint ventures, non-disclosure and non-circumvent agreements, as well as sales and distributorship agreements, and maritime matters. She has advised and represented domestic and international corporate clients and foreign governments in the aforementioned areas. She has worked as an attorney in New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and Jerusalem, Israel.

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