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  • Indiana University, JD 1986
  • Oberlin College, B.A 1983
  • Member, State Bar of Georgia, 1987 - Present.
  • Member, American Bar Association, 1987- 2003.
  • Member, Atlanta Bar Association, 1987 - Present.
  • Member, Indiana State Bar Association, 1986 - Present.
  • Member, National Bar Association, 1998 - 2005.
  • Member, Gate City Bar Association, 1994-Present.
  • Member, Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, 1992 -1996, 2007-Present.
  • Member, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, 1992-1996.
Biography Judge Gino Brogdon is among the most well-known and highly-regarded trial lawyers in Georgia. He was most recently an equity partner at Alston & Bird, where he was one of the firm 's foremost trial lawyers and was called upon to try complex and high-stakes cases for some of the firm's largest clients. Immediately prior to joining Alston & Bird, Judge Brogdon served as ajudge in Fulton County, Georgia for nearly a decade, where he presided over complex civil matters and various felony cases. Before his tenure on the bench, Judge Brogdon-who regularly appears as a legal analyst on CNN-operated a highly-successful plaintiff's practice for four years. He tried cases for plaintiffs ranging from commercial disputes to medical malpractice to wrongful death, and obtained seven figure verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients. Before entering private practice, Judge Brogdon served as a law clerk to The Honorable William I. Garrard of Indianapolis.

Judge Brogdon is also a highly-sought after mediator. Over the past ten years he has successfully mediated numerous cases in most areas of civil litigation, including automobile liability, premises liability, commercial, construction, medical, wrongful death, legal malpractice, employment, aviation and divorce related matters.

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Practice started 2005
Rates Please call Henning at 770-955-2252 or visit our website at
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