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Full name Hon. George H. Brown Jr.
Corporation Resolute Systems, LLC
Address 1 707 Adams Avenue
City Memphis
ZIP Code 38105
State Tennessee
Phone (901) 523-2930 Cell (901) 301-2490 Cell public? Yes URL
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  • 40-Hour Certified Mediation Training, Resolution Resources Corporation, 2005
  • Advanced Mediation Training, Jeff Krivis, 2007
  • Advanced Mediation Training, International Academy of Mediators, 2009
  • JD, Howard University School of Law
  • BS, Florida A&M University
  • Fellow, International Academy of Mediators 2009-
  • Circuit Court Judge, Thirteenth Judicial District at Memphis 1983-2005
  • Tennessee Supreme Court 1980
  • Tennessee Supreme Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee 1996-2002
  • Commission on Alternative Dispute Resolution, 1996
  • Judicial Performance Program Committee, 1995
  • Tennessee Supreme Court Dispute Resolution Commission 1992
  • 2000 Hero of Pro Bono Representation Award
  • 1995 Chancellor Charles A. Rond Outstanding Jurist Award
  • 1979 Sam A. Myar Award for Outstanding Service to the Legal Profession & to the Community

Since his retirement from the bench in 2005, Judge Brown has been one of the most active neutrals selected for both mediation and arbitration in Memphis and nationwide. His ADR experience includes resolving personal injury, complex commercial, construction and contract disputes. He is an approved Rule 31 Mediator. While on the bench, Judge Brown earned the reputation as an effective and skillful pre-trial settlement Judge. He facilitated resolution of cases through pre-trial settlement conferences. Judge Brown employs a combination of facilitative and evaluative mediation, supplemented by his 30+ years experience as a litigator and judge. His background, experience and skill make him a highly effective mediator with a proven track record of resolving disputes.

ADR Practice & Case Experience
Practice started 2004

Please call Resolute Systems at (901) 523-2930

Dispute areas 9,13,15,16,18,20,28,31,37,38,41,42,50,58,61,63,66,67,76,93,94
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