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Full name Frederick D. Dilley
Corporation Foster Swift LLP
Address 1 1700 East Beltline, N.E., Suite 200
City Grand Rapids
ZIP Code 49525
State Michigan
Phone (616) 726-2247 Cell (616) 560-6125 Fax (616) 726-6837
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  • Michigan State University College of Law (formerly Detroit College of Law), Juris Doctor, 1975
  • Michigan State University's James Madison College, Bachelor of the Arts, 1971
  • American Bar Association
  • State Bar of Michigan
  • American Inns of Court, Gerald R. Ford Chapter, Founding Master and Past President ( 1995)
  • Hillman Advocacy Program, Steering Committee, Past Chair
  • Civil Justice Advisory Group, Western District Michigan, Past Chair Voluntary Facilitative Mediation Advisory Group, Western District Michigan, Past Chair
  • Michigan State University College of Law Trustee, Chair of the Finance Committee, Member of the Foundation Board

With more than 35 years of legal experience, Fred Dilley concentrates his practice in the areas of complex civil litigation, family law, criminal matters and alternative dispute resolution, especially facilitative mediation. He works on the prosecution and defense of a wide variety of civil and criminal litigation on behalf of individuals, partnerships and other business entities.

Fred is a sought after facilitative mediator in a variety of litigation matters including: personal injury, family law, intellectual property, malpractice and business dissolutions.

Before returning to his professional origins at Foster Swift (Fred started his legal career at the firm as a paralegal prior to starting law school), Fred thrived in private practice at each of the firms with which he practiced including, Rhoades McKee PC, Boyden Waddell Timmons & Dilley and his family owned firm Dilley & Dilley. This is what makes Fred such a highly sought after litigator and mediator in complex civil litigation, family and criminal law matters, and private disputes of all kinds.

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Practice started 1996

State Court $335 per hour Federal Court $385 per hour

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