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  • B.A. degree from Harding University in 1983
  • Juris Doctor, with honors, from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law in 1991.

Sarah received her B.A. degree from Harding University in 1983 and began teaching elementary school in the Pulaski County Special School District near North Little Rock, Arkansas. After teaching in Arkansas for three years, Sarah moved to Dallas, Texas, where she taught school in the Oak Cliff area of the city. Sarah taught school in Oak Cliff for two years before returning to Arkansas to attend law school. She obtained her Juris Doctor, with honors, from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law in 1991.

Sarah has enjoyed a varied practice while raising three children with her husband, Kyle. Most recently, she worked as an in-house counsel with Walmart, Inc., beginning in 2003. Sarah worked on the Tort Team in the Litigation Section of the Walmart Legal Department, managing tort cases and working with outside counsel around the United States.

Sarah left Walmart in 2007 to serve two years on the Arkansas Court of Appeals. Upon completion of her term on the Court she returned to Walmart where she continued to work on the Tort Team and served as the Section Head of the Team for two years. Sarah remained at Walmart until June 2018.

Prior to moving in-house, Sarah practiced in the litigation section of two Little Rock firms, clerked for an Arkansas Supreme Court Justice, and clerked for an Arkansas Court of Appeals Judge. She served as Deputy Chief Legal Counsel to Governor Mike Huckabee for over four years, during which time she served as liaison to various state agencies and advisor on criminal justice. For two general sessions and one special session, Sarah also served as the legislative clerk for the governor’s office, receiving and reviewing all bills and resolutions from the General Assembly before presenting them to the governor for his action. Sarah left the governor’s office to serve as Director of the Arkansas Crime Information Center, where she was working when she was offered the opportunity to move in-house with Walmart.

Sarah has extensive mediation experience from a lawyer’s perspective, having participated in hundreds of mediations in many different states. She has completed both Basic Mediation Skills and Family Mediation training through the Arkansas Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission and is a certified mediator for civil and domestic relations cases. Sarah and Kyle reside in northwest Arkansas.

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