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  • BA, Hendrix College, 1992
  • Masters in Public Administration, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, 1995
  • JD, University of Arkansas Law School, 1998

Pulaski County Bar Association, Arkansas Bar Association, Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association, Sidney S McMath Razorback Detachment of the Marine Corps League (Commandment 2005-2009); Little Rock Citizens Police Academy Alumni Associations Board of Directors (Secretary 2010, 2011, President 2012), Arkansas Bar Association Leadership Academy.


Kevin O’Dwyer is a partner in the Little Rock law firm of Hope, Trice & O’Dwyer, P.A., with 12 years experience of general practice, involving cases in areas of family law, personal injury, products liability, insurance claims, probate and business litigation. He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in numerous jury and non-jury civil trials. He is certified as a mediator for Circuit Courts in domestic relations and civil cases.

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Practice started 1990


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