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  • B.A., Economics (1966), University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. J.D. (1972)
  • Vanderbilt Law School. (Administrative Editor, Vanderbilt Law Review).
  • Since 1973, Peter has participated as an instructor in various educational programs for attorney and arbitrators, sponsored by the American Arbitration Association, California Continuing Education of the Bar, The Rutter Group, and Glendale Univ. School of Law. The topics have generally included business litigation, arbitration, or banking law

Member of the Board of Directors, American Arbitration Association, 1994 2007. I have acted as both a neutral and party-appointed arbitrator in well over 200 arbitrations during the last 30+ years, and have taught law school, AAA, CEB, and Rutter Group courses in various aspects of arbitration and mediation for lawyers and arbitrators/mediators.

Member, State Bar of California, and Los Angeles & Orange County Bar Associations. Former Chairman, Los Angeles County Bar Association Federal Court Committee and Federal Court Committee of the State Bar of California. Delegate, California State Bar Convention, 1981-84 ( dates approximate) Instructor, various CEB courses on Arbitration, Unfair Competition, and Litigation.


ADR Background:
1. Arbitrator in Construction, Commercial, and International cases administered by the AAA since 1974. I have served as the arbitrator in more than 300 cases:
2. Adjunct Professor, USC Gould School of Law (course in ADR Ethics); Instructor, Glendale University School of Law ( course of Arbitration).
3. Panelist/Instructor:
A. CEB courses on arbitration.
B. The Rutter Group ( course on nonjudicial Arbitration).
C. Numerous AAA courses to train construction and commercial arbitrators.
D. College of Commercial Arbitrators instructional programs.
4. Arbitrator in legal fee dispute cases for the Los Angeles and Orange County Bar Associations.
5. Fellow, College of Commercial Arbitrators, 2014 to present.
6. Member, Board of Directors, AAA (1994 to 2007).
7. Mediator (AAA and independent) for commercial and construction cases.

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Practice started 1976


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