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  • B.B.A. (City College)
  • M.B.A. (City College)
  • M.S. (Columbia University)
  • J.D. (New York Law School)
  • Member, New York State Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section, served as Vice Chair for 2 years; Member of Executive Committee, 5 years, and chair of the Mediation sub-committee of Trusts, Estates, Guardianship and the Elderly; am also member of the Trusts & Estates Section, Elder Law Section, Business Law Section(Partnership Sub-committee).   
  • Member, Dispute Resolution Section, American Bar Association
  • New York County Lawyers Association, served as Chair of ADR Committee 4 years.
  • Member, New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators
  • Member, Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) --Commercial Division; Elder Decision Making & Conflict Resolution.
  • Member, North Carolina Bar Association, Dispute Resolutiohn Section.
  • Member, American Judges Association
  • Member, New York Women's Bar Association, Board of Directors ; co-Chair of the ADR Committee, and co-chair of the Trusts  & Estates Committee, and co-chair of the statewide Elder Law/Trusts and Estates Committee of WBASNY (Women's Bar Association of the State of New York; 
  • President, Association of Small Claims Arbitrators, 1987-90.
  • National Association of Women Lawyers (was President, 1988-89).
  • member, American Judges Association; 
  • member, Surrogate's Court Pilot Mediation Panel in New York County.
  • member, WIDR, Women in Dispute Resolution, ABA

Leona Beane is a dynamic experienced mediator who is very successful in resolution of disputes,  particularly disputes within the closely held  business (corporation, partnership, or LLC);  also,  disputes involving wills, trusts and estates  and family  members  and within the business structure.. Leona has the ability to recognize inter-personal disputes as being extremely conducive to Mediation for resolution.

Leona had been a tenured full professor of Law  at Baruch  College (City Uniiversity of New York), and served on the faculty for 21 years. Taught courses in Corporations, Partnerships and Contracts, and conducted Seminars for the Executive   MBA program. Accepted early retirement,  is  currently  Professor Emeritus.  

Is  a mediator, arbitrator, and practicing attorney. Has mediated 300+ disputes, involving many different  types of cases.

Currently serves  on several rosters of Mediators, including: US District Court, Southern District and Eastern District; US Bankruptcy Courts (Southern & Eastern Districts);  Commercial Division, Supreme Court, New York; 

 US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC);  New Jersey  Superior Court;    Mediator-Special Master,  Appellate Division, 1st Department; NYC Bar Association's Condo & Coop Mediation Program.  

Leona had been approved as a certified mediator by Safe Horizons (currently known as NYPeace Institute).

Leona serves as an Arbitrator for FINRA(Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, prevously  NASD and NY Stock Exchange); and  for the National Futures Association; she  also serves  as both mediator and arbitrator for the  NYS Attorney-Fee Disputes program-- 1st Department.. She also serves as Arbitrator for the US District Court, Eastern District.

Leona is also certified as a Mediator by the North Carolina
Dispute Resolution Commission (DRC) to mediate cases in their Superior Court.(civil matters and probate/guardianship matters)

Leona has completed extensive mediation trainings -- over 300 hours with several  different  well-known providers and has also obtained  training in "Decision Tree Analysis for Mediators"

Leona has written on a  variety of various legal  topics,  including Corporations, Partnerships, Contracts, Guardianship, and  ADR related topics, including:  "What is Mediation and How Does It Work" (NYLaw Journal, Oct. 29, 2007, p. 4);  "What Is the Extent of Confidentiality in Mediation after Hauzinger?" (NYSBA NY Dispute Resolution Lawyer, fall 2008, p. 26);  "Utilizing Mediation to Resolve Estate Litigation" (NYSBA Trusts   and Estates Law Section, fall 2008, p. 7); "Incorporationg Mediation Within the Guardians' Powers" (NYSBA Elder Law Attorney, fall 2008, p. 10); "Mediation and Estate Litigation" (NYSBA NY Dispute Resolution Lawyer, Spring 2009, p. 62).

She is also the author of  Chapter 26 on MEDIATION for the NYSBA New York Lawyers Deskbook.

Has  written Chapter 1 on "Corporate and Partnership Law" in the NYSBA New York Lawyers Deskbook.(updated each year with co-author)

Has served in the role as facilitator and training of students in Mediation for the Commercial Division Supreme Court, New York (several times); for Safe Horizons (several times), and for the Durham Mediation Center (several times).

Have served as a Judge for the ABA Law Students Mediation Competition at Forham Law School several times.  Have also served in the role of Mediator for the Regional Law Students Mediation Competition at North Carolina Central Law School, March 1, 2009,;  also at the Regional program in NY in 2013 at St. John's Law School.


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Practice started 1999

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