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  • University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Leflar Law Center, Fayetteville, Arkansas J.D., Doctor of Jurisprudence - 1985 Honors: Dean's List
  • University of Texas, Arlington, Texas B.B.A., Bachelor of Business Administration - 1981
  • Missouri Bar Association, Member, 1985 - Present 
  • Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association, Member 1985-2017 (Secretary, 1997; Chrmn. Alt. Disp. Com., 2000) 

Kevin has extensive experience mediating personal injury and other civil matters including products liability, employment and professional malpractice matters outside of the courtroom. Kevin also routinely serves as a mediator in all types of business disputes.

Kevin FitzGerald has been practicing law for more than 25 years. During this time, he has handled a wide variety of disputes, providing him with an outstanding base of knowledge for resolving legal matters through business and insurance meditation. As a result of these experiences, he can understand the multifaceted issues you may be facing and generate creative, mutually acceptable resolutions.

Finally, in addition to extensive real-world experience with alternative dispute resolution proceedings, Kevin FitzGerald has completed coursework in mediation through the University of Missouri. Whether you are facing a personal injury claim or a breach of contract claim for your business, mediation may be the most effective way to address your dispute.

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