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Mr. Calkins, a member of the California State Bar, received his J.D. from Loyola University School of Law, 1973, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of California Los Angeles, 1968.


George D. Calkins has recently joined the distingushed panel of JAMS Neutrals, most recently leaving a robust practice at the Los Angeles office of Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP, serving as a partner.

Mr. Calkins practices in the area of real estate and construction law with an emphasis on analysis, investigation, litigation, arbitration, trial, mediation and settlement of all forms of construction disputes. He has served for 12 years as a construction arbitrator/mediator and presided at over 150 arbitration/mediation proceedings involving diverse construction issues, including service as arbitrator in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, for the American Arbitration Association, and the California Public Works Arbitration Program. He is also experienced in developing construction claims avoidance, mitigation and settlement strategies for clients. Additionally, he serves as an expert witness in the areas of construction and insurance coverage disputes. His teaching and lecture experience includes construction law and dispute resolution courses for various trade and legal associations, including the Associated General Contractors, FEMA, the Southern California Defense Counsel, the Ceramic Tile Institute, the Southern California Accountants Association, the California Continuing Education of the Bar, the California Judges Association, as well as the University of California at Los Angeles and Irvine. He has published course materials and taught numerous University of California extension courses on the legal aspects of construction management; and has published articles for the California Continuing Education of the Bar, the Associated General Contractors Legal Advisory Committee and the University of California regarding construction disputes, construction defect claims, construction law, alternate dispute resolution, and settlement/mediation of construction disputes.

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