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Corporation Dispute Resolution Consultants
Address 1 1261 E. 33rd Street
City Edmond
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State Oklahoma
Big City Youngstown
Phone (405) 228-0300 Fax (405) 228-0367
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  • University of Oklahoma College of Law, Norman, OK – Juris Doctor, 1978
  • University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK – Bachelor of Business Administration, 1974
  • University of Nevada, Reno, NV – General Jurisdictional Program for State Trial Judges, 1981
  • Cornell University, Ithaca, NY – Graduate Studies in Warehousing and Transportation
  • Member of Oklahoma Bar Association and Canadian County Bar Association
  • President-District Judge of Oklahoma Judicial Conference
  • Master Emeritus with Ruth Bader Ginsberg American Inns of Court
  • Oklahoma Judicial Conference Delegate to the National Conference of State Trial Judges
  • National Conference of State Trial Judges of the American Bar Association - Executive Board member and representative for trial judges of Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Member of "Rights of Victims of Crimes" and "Courts and the Community" committees.
  • Chairman of the Oklahoma Bar Association Criminal Law Committee
  • Chairman of Criminal Law Section for the National Conference of State Trial Judges
  • Oklahoma Civil Jury Instruction Committee member
  • Oklahoma Criminal Jury Instruction Committee Chair

Ed Cunningham has over twenty-nine years of experience as a judge in one of the fastest growing counties in Oklahoma. He retired from the bench in 2010, after serving as the presiding District Judge for twenty-five years, the Associate District Judge and Special Judge for two years each. His judicial experience included every possible type of litigation from complex multiple party class actions and more than 250 jury trials to traffic court and small claims cases.

In addition, Ed was a member of the Court on the Judiciary for twenty-one years, serving as Presiding Judge of the Appellate Division of that Court at the time of his retirement from the bench. He was appointed Presiding Judge for a number of panels for the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals and served on the Court of Tax Review for the State of Oklahoma.

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