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Corporation Najjar Denaburg PC
Address 1 2125 Morris Avenue
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State Alabama
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ADR services 4,1,2
  • University of Alabama, B.S.-1954
  • University of Alabama, J.D. 1956


  • American Academy of Attorney Mediators
  • AAA Commercial Arbitrator Training, Atlanta, 11/99
  • AAA Introductory Arbitrator Training Workshop, Birmingham, 8/95
  • American Academy of Attorney Mediators/Atlanta Divorce Mediators Mediation Training Various Other

ADR Training FINRA Dispute Mediator

  • American College of Bankruptcy
  • Birmingham Bar Association
  • Alabama State Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • American Bankruptcy Institute
  • Commercial Law League of America
  • Association for Conflict Resolution
  • Alabama Academy of Attorney Mediators (Founding Member, Past President)

Over 50 years experience as an attorney representations include clients in financial and security disputes, commercial business disputes, construction-related matters, personal injury claims, banking relationships, corporate matters, real estate transactions, and general business. Represented debtors, creditors, trustees, and creditors committees in numerous bankruptcies. Examples of the larger bankruptcy matters include Citation Corporation, Wall Street Deli, The Omelet Shoppe, Chalkline Manufacturing, Golbro Jewelers, SouthTrust Tower, Riverchase Country Club, ORIS Manufacturing, Bruno s Supermarkets LLC -Conflicts Counsel, Heatherwood Country Club, West Jewel, Inc. and Green River Biodiesel, Inc. Personally involved in various business and real estate ventures for 50 years.

Since 1993 I have mediated over 1,600 cases, including the following controversy issues: securities trading disputes; automobile accidents; defective products, real estate contracts and construction disputes; wrongful death; domestic dispute; breach of franchise, warranty, contract; general malpractice suits; EEOC, age, and reverse discrimination; business disputes including partnership dissolution, minority oppression claims, sale of business, and non-compete agreement violation; wrongful termination, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, employment contract dispute/termination, shareholder disputes; banking disputes and Americans with Disability Act claims. Cases also included a variety of insurance disputes concerning title insurance indemnification, fraud in sale, and bad faith claims.

As an arbitrator I have handled numerous cases, which include the following controversy issues: faulty real estate construction claim; failure to timely complete real estate construction; automobile accident; business contract dispute, wrongful tenant termination; misrepresentation in sales; construction disputes; wrongful offset of bank account; breach of warranty; real estate purchase disputes; invasion of privacy; insurance fraud; hospital-healthcare agency dispute; consumer credit abuse and TILA violations.

ADR Practice & Case Experience
Additional languages 1
Practice started 1999

Arbitrator Compensation: $350.00 per hour

Mediator Compensation: $350.00 per hour. Special billing arrangements may be made, depending upon the economics of the situation and special circumstances.

Cancellation Fee: When an arbitration has been scheduled to last for two or more days, and cancelled within two weeks of hearing date, a cancellation fee of $3,500.00 will be charged. No cancellation fee charged for mediations or arbitrations scheduled for one day.

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