Locate a Neutral

Proper selection of a neutral is critical to having a successful ADR conference. Resolute provides a national panel of over 2,800 former state and federal judges and attorneys who serve as mediators/arbitrators. Using Resolute's Online Neutral Search, you can select a neutral most qualified to handle your dispute. Registered users get access to the profiles and many calendars of over 2,800 neutrals. You can search by state via our neutral directory, or narrow your search to find a Neutral with specific qualifications or background. In addition, many neutrals provide their Available Dates Calendar on this site and you can schedule dates directly through our Online Request Form.

Your use of this online resource to identify and select a Resolute Neutral constitutes your agreement to have any mediation or arbitration conducted to be administered by Resolute Systems, LLC. Resolute Neutrals, when identified and selected through this online resource, are required to conduct their case through Resolute Systems, LLC.

If you'd like Registered User access, please call (800) 776-6060 x116